Company secretary

As from 6th. April 2008 a private company is not required to have a secretary (though it may do so). If there is no secretary, anything authorised or required to be given or sent to, or served on the company by being sent to its secretary may be sent to (etc) the company itself, and if addressed to the secretary is treated as addressed to the company. Anything required or authorised to be done by or to the secretary may be done by or to any director or a person authorised generally or specifically by the directors. CA 2006, sec270.
A PLC is still required to have a secretary and the rules as to qualification are repeated in the new Act.
The traditional role of the company secretary is that of a senior administrator of the company, taking responsibility for the maintenance of the company in good order at Companies House, seeing that statutory registers are kept up to date and attending to company law procedures.
Incorporation Services Limited acts as company secretary for a large number of clients and can attend to individual company secretarial tasks.