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If you want to register a private company limited by shares, the commonest type of company, check that you have all the required information and register on line now.

Setting up a company is not simple. There are complex issues to resolve and it is important that a company is set up properly. This is particularly the case if there are two or more people involved. Many people make the mistake of using a standard service that does not deal with important issues and later have legal difficulties or expensive changes to make.

At Incorporation Services (part of the Company Law Solutions group of companies) we have been registering companies since 1978 and provide a highly professional service for all types of company formations. We provide a friendly, personal service, including all the company formation advice you may need. We can advise you about your company's name, the company's articles of association, directors, share capital, etc. Our service allows you to tailor the company's articles or download your own articles, if you wish. We will register your new company electronically, and provide an after-care service once your business is up and running. In other words we provide a complete and professional company formation package.

Pricing policy

We charge a fair price for the level of service we provide. There are some ridiculously cheap company registration prices advertised on the internet. We accept that we are not the cheapest company registration agents, but we do offer very good value for money. Buying a company registration service is not like buying a book or a CD. Wherever you buy a CD, it will be the same product. This is not true of a company registration service. You need a service from people who have the experience, expertise and integrity to deal properly with your formation, and who are happy to answer your questions and provide the service you need. Such service requires high calibre staff, who need to be reasonably paid. See further our Why you should use us page, and some testimonials from long-standing professional clients.

Essential matters to consider when registering a company

Standard service or basic service

Our standard service provides everything needed when setting up a company and is the package we recommend for every company formation. The basic package provides only the certificate of incorporation, a copy of the articles and a copy of the information supplied when forming the company (both by email and by post) and is really intended only for solicitors and accountants who will provide the other essential requirements by other means.

Type of company

In most cases this will be a private company limited by shares.If this is the type of company you want, check that you have all the required information and register on line now, either for a standard package or a basic package. There are, however, many other options.

Company name

There are complex rules about the name that may be used for a new company, and potentially expensive legal implications for making the wrong choice.


Directors are the people who run the company on a day to day basis. They accept legal responsibilities for this important role. They may be the same people as the shareholders, but need not be. If there are two or more directors, it is important to decide the rules they operate under and put these in the articles or a shareholders' agreement.


The shareholders own the company through their shares in it, and have ultimate control over it. If there are two or more shareholders, it is important to make sure that their financial interests in the company are protected by having the right provisions in the company's articles or in a shareholders' agreement. Any shareholder who does not have a majority of the shares is potentially vulnerable and needs legal protection.


The ownership of a company is divided into shares. Many companies have different classes of shares and the share structure of a new company should be determined from the start and set out in the articles. It can be changed later, a service provided by Company Law Solutions, but that is a more expensive than setting up the share classes as part of the initial company formation.

Information required

To register your company we need information to supply to Companies House about the company name, address of registered office, the directors, members and (unless a company limited by guarantee) the shares to be issued. It will save you time if you have the required information to hand when you start. The information required will depend on whether it is a private company limited by shares, a company limited by guarantee, an LLP or a PLC.

Companies House requires detailed information about the company, its directors, shareholders and share capital in order to register a company. Check that you have all the required information and register on line now.

Convert a private company to a PLC from £300 + VAT

What our customers say

We have used Incorporation Services for all our company formation work for very many years, and their service has always been excellent. We often need companies with different classes of shares for tax reasons, and Incorporation Services has the technical expertise to deal with any special requirements for us quickly and efficiently. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

Danny Richardson
Richardson & Co

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