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We have exclusively used Incorporation Services Limited for company and limited liability partnership formations and for searches since 1992. We have been delighted with the friendly, efficient and professional service they have provided at all times. We will continue to use them because of the excellent levels of service that they provide.

Richard Parker

Thorp Parker, solicitors

We have used Incorporation Services for all our company formation work for very many years, and their service has always been excellent. We often need companies with different classes of shares for tax reasons, and Incorporation Services has the technical expertise to deal with any special requirements for us quickly and efficiently. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

Danny Richardson

Richardson & Co

For your information I aborted the process of ordering a company online through a bargain basement competitor of yours.  Their process involved a series of forms which were added one after the other as conditions of the sale.  The final straw for me being a long insurance form which, it emerged when I looked at the "Privacy" policy, was to be shared with many insurance companies. I realised at that point that (a) I was thoroughly annoyed at the introduction of a series of demands which I had not been warned about at the start, (b) that it was well worth the few extra £s NOT to have to bat away insurance salesman (and also a bank which I would not be using) and (c) that the lack of transparency about their business model meant that I no longer trusted them and therefore did not want to do any business with them.

In contrast, with your company the whole process took a few minutes giving you just the information which was necessary with no unexpected or unnecessary demands.

Michael Hernet
PTBC Education Ltd

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