Introduction to Table A

Table A is a specimen set of articles for a company limited by shares applicable to companies registered before 1.10.2009. It has been replaced for companies registered from from that date by new 'Model Articles', but companies registered before that date will continue to have Table A as the basis of their articles until they decide to change them. For this reason Table A will remain important in practice for many years to come.

There have been new versions of Table A enacted by the Companies Acts or by Statutory Instrument from time to time. A company which adopted Table A as its articles (either wholly or in part) acquired the version of Table A in force at the time It is obviously important when dealing with an older company to check which version of Table A applies. Note, in particular, that there are substantial differences between the 1948 version of Table (which applied, with some subsequent amendment until 1985) and the current version.

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